Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Grayson!!!

Today is a very special boy's 2nd birthday!  Grayson Baker turns 2 today, and deserves a big celebration!  His mama Elizabeth blogs about her boy over here, and I've really enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth and Grayson through our blogs.  Grayson is an amazing little kid, and he has no idea how many lives he has touched all over the world, including mine.  He loves to play, listen to Veggie Tales, and eat Mexican food.  His smile is so infectious - just look at these pictures, and try not to smile...   :)  And he and his incredible mother Elizabeth inspire us all to live well, love completely, and appreciate all the moments we have with our children.  Oh, and you should see the comments Grayson's dad Ryan makes on Elizabeth's blog.  Amazing man!  I'm so happy to send a shout out to Grayson on his birthday - I hope he and his family have a wonderful day today!!!


  1. I am so overwhelmed and touched by you and the other bloggers who put this together for Grayson. These have been incredibly hard 2 weeks but your support and friendship has definitely been a bright spot. Thank you so much- I wish I had better words to say how thankful I am. And THANK YOU for the awesome surprise we got in the mail yesterday- Grayson loves his Bob the Tomato and his new tunes (and his mommy thanks you for the new tunes too- we needed some variety!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. What a cute little boy! Happy birthday, Grayson!