Monday, September 27, 2010

Q&A Chain Letter – and WONDERFUL News – and Cycle Update

Thanks to Sienna for the nomination. I’m so thrilled to be responding to her letter today, because she just received amazing news – she’s pregnant!!! And her beta is wonderful! So excited for her!!!!

I usually don’t pass on these kinds of things, but I thought it would be fun…

1. What is your dream occupation?

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a doctor. I got in trouble at school when I was around six years old because I was charging people a nickel to pull out their loose teeth. I thought it was a great business. My patients thought I was performing a valuable service, and I liked making the money. Unfortunately, the school nurse and my mother did not agree… I’m still fascinated by all things medicine, including this whole fertility business. I would do something medical, but I really don’t want to go back to school. Right now, my accounting job at a biotech will have to suffice.

2. Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?

Twice. Once, my picture was in the newspaper because I was ranked 3rd in my high school graduating class, and they took a picture of the top three – didn’t get a title, but I loved that picture. And then, just before Ar.thur And.ersen was failing due to the whole En.ron fiasco, the company took out a two page ad in the W.all S.treet J.ournal, and listed all 28,000 employees that were going to lose their job if the Depar.tment of continued with their indictment. Later, it was overturned, but it didn’t change the fact that we all lost our jobs. Most of my office went to another firm, but it wasn’t the same. That was a big turning point in my life. Prior to that, I was a happy workaholic, and it all changed when I lost my job. Made me question my whole career and everything. In the end, it was very good. But it was really hard to go through.

3. What’s the worst and/or most memorable job you’ve ever had?

The Lim.ited. I worked there over the Christmas break my freshman year in college, and I hated every moment of it. I hated the pressure to sell stuff I didn’t like. I hated the mad rush before Christmas to buy just anything. I hated the men who came in and when asked what size their wife was, everyone said, “About your size.” I also hated the men who would come in on Christmas Eve, and when told that we didn’t have anything left in size 8 or whatever, they would buy their wives size 14 just to have something under the tree. I hate the insane after Christmas sales, especially knowing that we just robbed everyone of their money two days earlier. I simply hated it all. The next summer, I worked at – much better!

4. When you were a teenager, at what age did you envision yourself getting married? How old were you in reality when you got married?

I always thought I would be 25 when I got married, then kinds 2-3 years later. Would be done having kids by 31 or 32. I thought that was way too old to have kids…

I got married the first time at 26 – I’m embarrassed to say that I figured it was time to get married, time to settle down, so I married the first nice guy that came around. And he was nice, he just wasn’t right for me. We tried to get pregnant – didn’t work. Two years after getting married, we divorced. I felt very messed up in the head, didn’t really want to date much for awhile. The first guy I started dating after my separation I assumed would be just a rebound guy. Two months after we started dating, he asked me to marry him. I said no. Five and ½ years later, he asked me again. I said yes. We got married when I was 33 – almost 34. I wish I would have waited until I was more sure to get married, but unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

5. What’s your most hated household chore? What’s your favorite?

I hate cleaning the house – all of it. But my absolute worse chore is cleaning showers and bathtubs. Hate every bit of that!!! My favorite is cleaning the kitchen and getting all the counters clean and sink shining. There’s something so inspiring about that. If my kitchen is clean, and there’s no clutter on the counters, then it feels like all is right with the world.

6. What’s your earliest memory?

I don’t know. I struggle with this one. I don’t remember much until I was about 8-9 years old, and even that is fuzzy. I get confused as to whether memories are memories of pictures that are in photo books, or stories that I’ve been told. I had a very messed up early childhood, and I think a lot of that is blocked out. So I don’t have anything really good for this question…

And for a cycle update… It’s CD8, day 5 of meds, and I had an ultrasound and bloodwork today. I’m still awaiting the results of the bloodwork, but I have three lead follicles – one at 12 mm, and two at 10 mm. So everything is looking good! I go back on Wednesday and Friday for more monitoring. If I have to bet, I would say my IUI’s will be next Monday and Tuesday. Oh and good news. I didn’t bug the hubs about dropping off his own swimmers to be frozen, and he asked me to make an appointment for round 1 tomorrow morning. And he’s planning on doing round 2 later this week. I really didn’t want to make the drive twice this week AND twice next week, and I think he realized it’s only fair for him to do his part. Yay!!!


  1. I worked at The Limited, too! It was around Christmas, just like you. Worst. job. ever. The entire staff was bitchy, and I also hated the sales pressure. I quit after I got laryngitis and they still made me work!

    As for your cycle, go follies! I'm glad everything looks good. Yay for great response and for hubby dropping off his samples. :) Good luck at your next appointment.

  2. thanks alex!! i could feel your enthusiasm for me through the blogosphere. i'm completely scurred bc there are so many hurdles still to pass, but taking one day at a time.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your toothpulling business! if you were my kid, i would've been totally proud of you!! i didn't charge them, but i used to pull out all the loose teeth of my younger cousins. if they even said a tooth was "kinda loose", i went for it and just yanked it out. everyone thought i'd become a dentist as a result :o) know what old school koreans did to pull out loose teeth (my uncle did this to my sister when she was little). you tie dental floss around the loose tooth, then tie the other end to the door. then slam the door. can we say *OUCH*????!!!!

  3. ps - fingers and all limbs crossed for you on this cycle :o)

  4. I worked retail over Christmas break too. Hated it!!

    Sounds like your cycle is going great!!

  5. Great Follicle size:) Awesome that they are all growing at close to the same rate....Maybe Triplets!!! And thank God that hubby is doing his share

  6. Oh my gosh your memory is the same as mine :) That actually makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who has no childhood memories!
    Look forward to hearing your good news soon xxxxxx

  7. Wow, that sounds like a crazy retail job, you have to look back and laugh at all the stupid people.
    And yay, so far so good for this cycle!

  8. Yay for the husband taking care of his swimmers!
    And I think we all hate cleaning the bathroom.

  9. Thanks for sharing! Too funny about your experience working in retail.

    Sounds like your cycle is going well. Fingers crossed!

  10. Wow, I didn't know you worked for Ar.thur Ander.son. That's crazy. And yay for hubby!