Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two-week wait…

For the first time since early May, I’m now in a two-week wait… I’m officially 3 dpo, and now we wait. I’m debating using those progesterone suppositories that I have from the previous IUI and pregnancy. I had ordered a bunch right before I found out there was no heartbeat. There’s nothing like recovering from a D&C and having the UPS guy knock on your door to have you sign for a package of suppositories. They’ve been unopened in a package in the corner of my bedroom ever since. Today I finally unwrapped them! Moving on, right? Anyway, not sure if I should use them or not – thinking about it…

After last week’s bedroom debacle, we finally got our act together and got the business done in all the right times. Amazing, Fertility Friend says “High” on intercourse timing – never had that before. So we have the best chance we ever had naturally TTC – never worked before, but perhaps this time it will. What’s that there? Hope? Weird – not really sure what to do with you.

Wanted to share the exchange between the hubs before the last “time”:
Him: You pregnant yet?
Me: I don’t know – won’t know for a couple weeks.
Him: But we’re good, right?
Me: We should probably go another night…
Him: Seriously? Again???
Me: Yep
Him: Tell me how much we’ll save…
Me: $4,000!!!
Him: Come here, baby…

Talk about foreplay!


  1. Ha! Love the convo! I should use that on my hubby and see what his reaction is. Hope your 2WW goes fast!

  2. Ha:) That kind of puts it into perspective, doesn't it? But I'm thrilled that you are in a 2ww. May it go swiftly, and end happily!!!!

  3. Lol, that last part was funny!!

    Glad you timed everything right. Hoping that you have a happy surprise!!

  4. Hilarious, so sexy right??? Those fertiles will never understand what IF does to your sex life. wishing you an easy 2ww!!!!!

  5. Lol. That's too funny!!!

    Yay for good timing!! I'm hoping for you, too!

  6. that conversation sounds kinda familiar, except, change how much will we save to it's only one more time this week right? isn't conceiving so crazy sexy? ugh!

  7. good luck in the next 10 days!! grrr, doesn't the two week wait SUCK!! try not to stress. and i have definitely been there with the hubs. i can't wait until we have a baby and can just have sex for the "fun" of it! (crazy talk, i know!)

  8. hahaha!!! this is so cute and so real!!! It's so true that foreplay goes out the window when TTC we only have one goal in our minds... nothing stands in the way of that!!! I have my fingers, toes and hair crossed for you my sweet friend!!!!

  9. That's a man for ya!

    Keeping fingers, toes, etc. crossed that maybe this will be it!


  10. Hahahahaha! I sometimes bribe my husband.

    "If we get pregnant this cycle, I'll buy you season tickets to the Magic...." or " iPad."

    Nothing like a little infertile foreplay to get you going.

  11. Hahahahaha, LOVE IT!! You two are so cute :)

  12. Love it, too funny! Good luck with the 2WW!!

  13. lol.. gotta love these TTC bedroom conversations! :) Much luck in this 2ww.

  14. Alex I'll keep you in my thoughts every day for the next couple of weeks (minus three days!). i know it's not been easy but you'll get through this. If it was me, I'd use the progesterone. Love, Fran

  15. Gotta love how our love/baby making sessions have such a different focus...As for the progesterone, do keep in mind that it may delay your period and mimic preg symptoms, but you probably already knew that! Sounds like you want to take them so go for it! Everytime I took them, they messed up my cycle which I found more frustrating than anything. 2WW bites, but you'll get through it! We're always hear to listen...

  16. Wow, a high!!! Good job! I don't think I ever got a 'high'-- the best we could do was a 'good'. Or whatever the one that is second best is called.

    It's great that your husband is on board with you on this right now. It's not like it's romantic for anyone, but an effort is all we ask...

    Good luck!!!!

  17. lol thats brilliant. I would use the progesterone...or at least if (when) you get a BFP start using them - can't hurt, might help!

  18. LOL that was an adorable conversation!!