Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Monitoring Update

First, thanks to everyone for their nice comments about my temper tantrum yesterday. Sometimes we all need to just whine for a little bit. Feeling much better today - it's amazing what a little makeup and activity will do for my spirit!

Just got off the phone with my blood work & monitoring results. My lining is almost at 9, and they said they like it over 8, so that's good. My left ovary is doing most of the work this month. It's pulled ahead, and I have three potential follies on my left: 17, 14 & 12 mm each. On my right, I now have one at 11 and 10 mm each. And my estradiol has risen to 529.

I'm supposed to keep my gonal-f at 75 each night, and keep doing the ganirelix (boo!!!), and go back in on Wednesday morning. They expect that I'll trigger that night, and do an IUI on Thursday, and another one on Friday!

I'm now in the stage where I don't feel very well - achy ovaries, bloating - and I'm nervous about getting this all done. I will need to tell my boss that I will be taking Thursday and Friday morning off. I hope he doesn't ask questions - he's not very good at boundaries. I ended up telling him about the miscarriage last time, just so I could take some time off and to explain the crying. But he doesn't know we're doing fertility treatments, and I really don't want to explain. I'm not really nervous about the procedure this time, as it went ok last time. But I just don't want to do it! Every day gets me closer to finding out if this will work, and although I'm still trying to maintain my positive attitude, and it works most of the time, it's just hard to stay upbeat. I have a few more days for these little ovaries to work, so I'm going to be chanting at them and my eggs for the next few days to keep growing!


  1. I am glad you will have it out of your hands, at least, by the weekend. A FUN weekend I hope, this time!

    Congratulations on the nice numbers!

  2. You're chugging right along, Alex! OMG your IUIs are right around the corner! (I hate that cranky ovary feeling. Bah.) No advice on the boss front, unfortunately. You saw how well that went for me. UGH.

    Hang in there and hold on to that positive attitude!

  3. Even though us IUIers dread the meds, bloodwork, and the waiting and waiting, it's all worth trying for something, hey? I had my 2nd IUI last week and my ovaries feel like grapefruits, my boobies are so sore, the hCg trigger makes me feel gross, but all I can think about it the hope that I want to be one of the success statistics - You too!

  4. Keep chanting to your eggs to keep growing strong and mature as they should do. Your results sound great sweetie.. keep thinking that this cycle is your LUCKY one.. keep thinking it even if I know it's hard to. I found that sharing my thoughts during the 2ww helped ... keep sharing with us! We are all behind you rooting for you!!!

  5. All the best for your IUI's and I hope you'll get a baby that sticks around this time! ICLW

  6. Glad it's going well. Good luck later this week!


  7. Keep talking to those ovaries! I also hope that you don't need to explain anything to your boss. You should only tell him what you are comfortable with and as little as possible. But all bosses are different so I hope he doesn't question you too much. Hope you get good results at your next monitoring appointment.