Friday, April 30, 2010

Now We Wait

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my post yesterday. It’s so nice to get some great opinions and advice. My favorite, I think, is Leslie’s suggestion - a scientific experiment testing the Hubs semen volume depending on how long it’s been since ejaculation. I’m sure he’ll go for that! :)

Today’s IUI went so much better. It wasn’t done by the usual nurse – she was out, so the junior doctor in the practice did the procedure, and he was fabulous! I think male doctors in general are gentler – they don’t know how much pain you can take, so they try to be real nice and gentle. Plus he was kind of cute. And he did this thing when he was about to touch my crotch – instead of just going for it, he kind of ran his hand up my inner thigh so he wouldn’t surprise me. Now the nurse was there too, and it’s was purely clinical, and he talked his way through the whole thing, so it wasn’t creepy or anything. But having a hot doctor run his hand up your inner thigh on the day of ovulation (you know what they say about increased libido…) was simply nice. And no, the Hubs wasn’t there to witness either – not sure what he would say about that one…

And it didn’t hurt that I had a couple hours to kill between dropping off the cup and the IUI procedure, so I went for a manicure and pedicure – best pedicure ever!!! Too bad the salon is across town next to the clinic that does the IUI’s, but if I ever have to go back there (but I won’t, because this IUI will work!) I’m going back for another pedicure by Diane – she was amazing!

The other thing that was very cool was my acupuncture appointment last night. I’ve been going now for a couple months, and it’s been the same type of treatment each time, depending on if I’m on my back or stomach. But this time I laid down on the table, and went to lift up my shirt so he could put needles on my belly, and he said he wasn’t going to put any there – he always puts needles on my belly! Then he started putting needles in my skin – in completely different spots than he usually does. I was so confused. Finally he finished, and he told me that this treatment is now to prevent miscarriage. He’s no longer working on getting my body ready for pregnancy – now he’s helping my body retain a pregnancy! This is so cool. For the first time, I have someone treating me like I’m pregnant, and he’s just helping me keep it! I had the needles in for 30 minutes, and I tried to focus on images of eggs meeting with sperm, and creating a baby. Then before I left, he gave me the following advice: “No caffeine, walk slow, no jumping, not too much sugar or carbohydrates. Meditate throughout the day. Be happy and relaxed. And pray.” OK buddy, I’ll do my best! I just love the happy and relaxed part – I can control the rest of them, but happy and relaxed are the hardest parts.

So based on my acupuncturist, and my original thoughts for this cycle, and my hot doctor saying to come back for my positive pregnancy test in two weeks, and my therapist saying I may as well be positive – it’s a lot more fun that being negative, I will do my best. My 2ww begins, and I will stay as positive as I can. Starting with the following statement: I am pregnant!!! ;)


  1. This is exciting, Alex!!!! Maybe it DOES help to have a hot dr. run his hands up your thigh!

  2. you're PUPO!! awesome :o) heh heh, i get nervous when the dr is hot, so i prefer older, homely men as my docs!!

    relax my dear and enjoy your weekend!!

  3. These are AWESOME positive signs, Alex. :) Wishing you SO much luck and a great positive in 2 weeks!

    And, I think you may be right about the female/male docs. I know that both times my female RE did the IUI I had severe cramping where it felt like she was digging into my cervix while when the male RE did it, it just seemed so much more gentle -- I almost wondered if he missed! :)

  4. Yay for all the positivity! You're in such a great place with everything. I think this is going to be the one!

  5. "Plus he was kind of cute."

    How awesome is that? A cute doctor who is also gentle, and a maestro at getting women knocked up.... ;-)

    All the best for the cycle...I am so glad you got that manicure and pedicure done, coz it totally feels good to be cared for...

    Love the acupuncture shift as well...Amen!

  6. I am PUPO too! I have 8 more days before I get my beta done. I have been going for weekly acupuncture and just love it! Been focusing on trying to be positive - I've made so many changes this time around (i.e. no caffeine, no strenuous activity)...I'm glad that there is someone else (im)patiently waiting with me! I feel like I've kicked my HPT addiction because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't this time. I am currently charting and debating on whether I should just leave it be, but the past 4 days I have had a thermal shift of extremely high temps and definitely have a triphasic chart...Best wishes to you and keep us posted.

  7. Cute doc?! So jeal! Seriously, though, I hope the 2ww goes quickly for you and hope you are right and are pregnant!!

  8. Love reading you positive post!! I say all these are signs for a GREAT positive outcome in 2 weeks and for now.. keep thinking of yourself as pregnant!! Now, about the cute doctor.. was he more of a George (early ER days)or a Mcdreamy?? HAHA!!!

  9. Mind over matter, right? Keep up the good thoughts.

  10. Wohooo for the hot doctor! I'm sure it'll help :o)

    I'm so sorry you have suffered an ectopic, I've been there twice and it's just awful. I'll be following you and thanks for joining my blog too!!