Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm an Official IF Mentor!

The day has come. All this painful stuff I've gone through and research I have done has finally paid off. And it wasn't just to drive myself and Hubs completely nuts.

My best friend in the whole wide world called me today. She has been there for me through this whole thing, and she knows what I've been through. I haven't told her all the dirty details because I know she's been TTC herself, and I didn't want to freak her out too much either. She started TTC last July, and she just turned 40 last week... I've been trying to gently encourage her to go to the doctor, but she hasn't taken the plunge. But she finally went to her OB/GYN, and afterwards, she called me.

She describes it as having that friend who is really good at cars, and you know nothing about cars. But after you go to the mechanic, you call your friend who understands everything about cars, and you run everything by them to make sure they don't think you're getting screwed. She said I'm that person to her, but for infertility... Makes me so happy and sad, all at the same time!

She gave me the rundown on what her doctor suggested (Clomid days 5-9, bloodwork on CD 3 & CD10, S/A for her hubby, no monitoring, no ultrasound at all!). And I was able to tell her my opinion, and give her a little peace of mind. Oh, and the doctor didn't mention a thing about side effects of Clomid, or increased chances of multiples, or anything... And the doc told her to throw away her OPK's. And don't worry about temping. I know we all have our own opinions, but I just want her to be treated well! I think after we talked that she's comfortable with this protocol for now, but I told her that she should only do this for a month and at the minimum she should insist on monitoring!

But it did make me very happy that I can help my friend through this tough time, and I can hopefully ease her mind a bit. Maybe this is why I've gone through all this, and now that I've gained enough knowledge to help my friend, I can finally get and stay pregnant! Right?????


  1. YES!!! I do not wish this on your friend or anyone's friend at all! -BUT- if 2 women MUST go through this, I am so so so happy that you have each other.

    I've told all my friends that if they have trouble conceiving that I want to be there for them more than anything. It seems odd to say I really hope I can fulfill this role for someone, because of course I don't want this to happen to any of them (well, a little bit, I admit - am I that evil for not wanting to be alone?), but anyways, I know t would be great to have this sense of purpose about all of this crap I've been through. I'm glad you've found it! And I am sure your friend is sooo glad too!

  2. I have made so many wonderful friends whilst TTC. Some, I know, will always be in my life. Most of them are internet buddies and so we could not give one another real hugs and being there to hold each other's hands. It's so sad that your friend is also having problems in TTC but at least you have one another to hold each other's hands and to give advice.. and to let each other know that you will both get there!!! Good luck to your friend and to you as always!!!

  3. I'm so glad that you've been able to help your friend. I do feel like IF has made us "experts" in all things TTC and I'm glad that you'll be able to help someone to have as good an experience with it as she can! :) I really hope both of you can get out on the other side soon!!!

  4. It feels great to be able to help a friend out through IF from all you've learned I know! I'm waiting for the real life friend that also has these struggles, though I hope no one I know will.

    Glad you guys have each other!

  5. That's what I keep hoping, too. That I'll be able to use all that I'm going through now to advise--or at least comfort--someone else going through it later on. I'm glad she has you, and now she will also understand more of what you're going through and you can commiserate--and celebrate--together.

  6. What a rotten thing to have to go through, but I'm glad that she has you there to help give her advice and support. It's a scary place to find yourself as we all know. Oh, hey universe? If you are listenting, now is the time for Alex!