Thursday, April 15, 2010


AF is here - finally! I was starting to get a little worried, but she finally came to visit, and we can get this show on the road. I have an appointment in the morning for bloodwork & an ultrasound. And then the Hubs and I will sign consents to start another IUI with injections cycle. Very excited to get started and move forward! Right now, I have so much hope for this cycle to work. I just need to maintain my positive attitude, and keep working on all my coping skills that I've developed in the last few months - meditation, and continuing to go to therapy and acupuncture. Here's to the start of an awesome cycle, with a fabulous result at the end!


  1. Yea!! Hoping everything looks great tomorrow.

  2. Fingers tightly crossed! I'm glad you finaly have been given some *sign* from your body about what's going on in there!!

    I admire your courage in talking openly with your parents (7!? that would drive anyone insane!) about what you are going through. I don't have that courage myself, but of course relationships are complicated even when you only have 2 conventional parents :).

    I also went and left a comment on your husband post-- I commiserate!

  3. Whoo hoo! Hope this cycle is IT for you!

  4. I hope your appointment went well this morning!