Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doctor Appointments

I had a long talk with both myself (in my head) and Hubs last night, and I’ve decided to make two doctor appointments. After coughing for three weeks straight, with coughing up gross stuff, and sometimes coughing so hard that I either pee my pants or throw up (I know, disgusting), I’m finally going to the doctor this afternoon. Hubs finally convinced me to go last night, when he said something about the fertility doctor not letting me go through treatments if I have the plague! But he’s right; I need to do something about this, especially if I won’t be able to take medication if I get back on the TTC horse soon. I just never wanted to go to the doctor as I don't actually feel bad - I just keep coughing!

And – we decided to at least go talk to the RE. See what he has to say, and if he would change anything in my next cycle. I’m not sure about anything, but I figured it can’t hurt to at least talk to the guy. So I called, thinking I could get in next week, but he’s taking the whole week off to be with his kids during Spring Break. Must be nice… Reminds me of all the parents at my job that are taking time off with their kids next week - I would love that! Anyway, the earliest they can get me in is March 24, which is likely way too late to do injectibles and an IUI the next cycle. So I think the decision has been made for me – do one cycle naturally with acupuncture, and then move on to injectibles/IUI, but I’ll still do acupuncture through that as well. Even if it’s not doing anything, which I think it is somewhat – not sure, but I find it incredibly relaxing, which is so worth it. I’m going back tonight, after the appointment to see about my cough. So it should be a fun afternoon… At least I get to leave work early! Why is it that I hate work so much lately? Really not a fan of being here anymore...

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  1. Sounds like a good plan!

    Hope that cough goes away soon.