Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello? AF? Anyone There?

Don’t remember a time lately that I’ve wanted AF to show her ugly head, but here we are. We’re on day 33 since the bleeding from the ectopic, and I assume that I’m just completely jacked. My cycle is usually around 27 days, so I’m not super late, but it’s getting there. I’m not exactly sure when, or if, I ovulated this month, but my temp did rise at some point, and is now bouncing around, but it stays above my typical coverline. I assume I’m just all screwed up, and I should expect AF at some point, but it’s getting pretty late! And I just want to start my natural TTC cycle!!! If AF waits too much longer, I will be back at the RE, which is scheduled for the 24th, and I will have to make a decision about whether to go natural or go back on IUI/injections for my next cycle. And I really liked the idea of being forced to go natural this cycle so I wouldn’t have to make a decision about what to do. I really don’t like to make hard decisions.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to make decisions – I tend to question my judgment, like what if I make the wrong decision? I think a lot of this relates to my self-confidence. At times I can be incredibly confident, but most of the time I’m not really. At work, I’m great. I feel smart, I can manage a team, make decisions, people respect me, and I’m successful. But in my personal life, it’s a whole different story. I don’t know why – must work on that…

Also – thanks for all the comments from people stopping over from LFCA – so nice to hear from you!!!


  1. I definitely understand the frustrating wait for AF. Been there. Do you have any idea if you've ovulated?

  2. Hah I know that feeling! As weird as it is... who would ever want AF? ;) I hope it shows up for you soon.

    I have a hard time with decisions as well. If you figure out how to become more decisive, let me in on your secret!

  3. FYI, it took 6 weeks after I miscarried for me to get another period...hang in there. hope she shows soon.

    I find that making decisions on IF stuff is so much more difficult b/c we're not dealing with black and white and logic here - so much is left to chance...and that's what I find so infuriating.