Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Times!

Hubs and I had a fabulous time in New Orleans this weekend – what a good way to get away from it all, and just have a good time. We ate, drank, walked, slept, and had sex – a lot! All of which was really nice. We probably didn’t see as much as we were hoping – there were a few museums and such that were on the list, but we didn’t end up leaving the room much on Sunday, which changed the plans quite a bit. I got up early, went to Café du Monde for beignets (heavenly!), brought them back to Hubs, and then we didn’t leave the room until 6:30 that night. It was one of those magical days, where we just had a day of decadence, ordered movies and room service, and just napped, had sex, and hung out all day. What a rarity, and how needed it was! Then we finally left the room, went to a great dinner, and came back to the room. What a great day. We were good tourists on Saturday – saw some of the sights in the French Quarter, did our part to spur the economy with our food and drink purchases, and had a really fun, kinda crazy time! But it was Sunday that was my favorite…

Speaking of sex, Hubs and I have NEVER been this amorous as we have in the last couple weeks – so bizarre! We’ve spent the last year timing things, and it’s just so nice to enjoy it again – with no agenda! I’m finding we really needed this break. And I’m working through my thoughts as to when I get back on the TTC horse. I’ll definitely need to think and write about that more…

I’m back at work today – was able to miss yesterday, which is fabulous! So I’m trying to catch up at work – why can’t I take a day off without scrambling both before and after I leave????

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  1. Sounds wonderful! The beignets at Cafe du Monde so amazing. Yum.
    Welcome back - hope the first day back wasn't too painful.