Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Comment & Follower!!!

And it's from Eileen - from (We got hitched. We bought the 4 bedroom house. NOW WHAT???) - LOVE HER!!! I've been following her for awhile, and she's always one of the first blogs I check out every day. I might have a little bloggy crush on her... :) She provides such inspiration for people like me. She has gone through so much, both related to TTC and in other parts of her life, and she is such a fighter. She is finally getting what she has dreamed of for so long - two little ones, and she is still fighting every day for those little guys. It's people like Eileen that have given me hope, and keep me going. Her war isn't over, she's right in the middle of it, but every day she keeps moving forward, and fighting each battle as it comes along with a positive attitude and a smile, at least most of the time, which is all anyone can do! :) So thank you, Eileen, you have helped me come out of hiding by inspiring me every day!!!

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