Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IVF Costs

I always knew IVF was expensive, but wow, when it’s written down, it looks huge! I called the RE financial coordinator, and my clinic charges the following:

Procedures & physician costs $5,350
Lab costs (BW, ICSI, Freeze embryos for 3 years) $2,000
Anesthesia $500
Hospital (the place where the IVF is done) $2,800
Total to the clinic $10,650

And then medications are between $3,000 and $5,000. So I should plan around $15,000 for the first cycle. For each cycle after the first IVF cycle, the clinic will waive the procedures & physician costs, so they waive the $5,350 cost. So each cycle after the first one is around $10,000 including medications.

For those of you that have done IVF, is this comparable? Also, I’m currently getting my drugs for the IUI from Freedom Fertility and will probably do the same for an IVF if we go that route – are there any better options other than going outside the States? Hubs had a very strong adverse reaction when I mentioned going international…

On another note, I’m feeling somewhat better today – yesterday was really tough. But thankfully I had an appointment with my therapist, and she helped me go through my feelings. She is trying to teach me that the feelings I feel are normal, and ok. And I will get through this!!!


  1. I have a consult with the doc to talk about IVF and IUI injectibles...so I'll be posting about this later I'm sure. It really is incredible how much it all costs, isn't it? Ugh. So much more that I would rather be doing with that money.

    I'm glad you're feeling better today.

  2. Those costs sound in-line with my Re and others I've heard of. Actually freezing for 3 years, including the ICSI in the fee and waiving the doctors fees after the 1st cycle is pretty awesome! Mine does not do that everything is More Money. Glad your feeling better. Hang in there.. this IF is such a roller coaster.

  3. I think these are pretty reasonable. My clinic charges a global fee for 1st IVF of $10k; the next IVF cycle is discounted by only $700 so I think you've got a deal here. Luckily (and continuing to cross fingers) my insurance miraculously covers the meds which I order from Freedom Fertility (with copy). I think FF is awesome really. They are always spot on with orders and super helpful.

  4. Yeah it's all so expensive. The quotes I've gotten sound about in line with that but I don't remember all the details specifically. We will not be doing IUI or IVF at all so it was moot. I did find out recently that my insurance only covers 20k for fertility treatment total (happy though that I have coverage of anything at all), so anything over that I will have to pay out of pocket. Hopefully with just injectible cycles it will take a bunch before I get there.

    Glad you're feeling better. I've been thinking about a therapist but haven't managed to find one yet.

  5. I'm not there yet, but it sounds insane. If the 2ww is bad now, imagine how it is with 15k resting on it, too. Wow. I guess you just have to go into it figuring it'll be about 50k before you're done. And even then, I suppose there isn't any guarantee... wow, sorry I'm not being more positive here! I guess it is the best bet for getting pregnant... lots of luck to you.

  6. Good to see that breakdown. I'm, obviously, hoping we don't have to go that direction, but it seems more and more likely. I'm planning on sitting down with my RE if this current cycle is a bust and finding out more about their costs.

  7. Hi Alex,

    The costs of moving to IVF can be a huge factor for couples. Before you look at centers outside the US, check out Shady Grove Fertility. They are located in the Washington, DC metro area and have a great 100% refund program in which you get 6 cycles of IVF with all of your medications included for about the same price your RE is quoting you for two cycles. The difference is that if you do not have a baby after those 6 tries, or decide to stop treatment at any time, you will receive 100% of your money back with no questions asked. Its a really good program, and helps many out-of-state patients.

  8. I hear you on the costs. Not sure if you read it, but I wrote a blog entry on my costs. It should give you an idea of how much my IF stuff cost. http://canigetsomesugarwiththeselemons.blogspot.com/2010/03/while-we-are-on-subject-of-money.html

    Does your clinic have any "plans"? We did the two-cycle plan, so it was about $7k per fresh and free FETs. Much cheaper than the a la carte cycle.

    As for meds, I'd call Fertlity LifeLines at 1.866.538.7879 and ask about their compassionate care program. It's up to 3000 IUs of gonal-f, 5 boxes of cetrotide and one ovidrel for free if you qualify. It's a one time use program, so I actually waited until my second cycle when I knew I'd need more drugs. Despite the problems I had with delivery, it really is a great program. It saved us over $3500 this cycle.

    I also wouldn't hesitate to use IVFmeds.com (in the UK) for drugs. They are far cheaper and are exactly the same thing. Even manufactured by the same companies, just marketed with different names. I also really like Apothecary Shop. Decent prices (for an American pharmacy) and great customer service.

    Good luck!

  9. Anonymous' comment above sounds like sales pitch. :) Incidentally, the clinic suggested there is actually the one I go to. SG does have a shared risk program for eligible patients; it costs about $22K and medication is actually not included. They have a separate shared risk medication program, though, which costs about $7K.

    A single, a la cart IVF cycle at our clinic costs about $9K. Though our insurance policy does not cover ANY treatment, we get a discount on the single cyle because the clinic has a contract with our insurance company. This dropped the cycle cost to $6,500 + ICSI. We just paid for our cyle this morning and it was $8355, meds not included.

    I was really helped in the medication department. My insurance doesn't cover med costs either. My clinic was able to donate some medication to me and a couple of incredibly awesome bloggers also gave me some of their unused meds. By the grace of generosity, my medication for this cycle cost me about $750.

    There is a great book called Budgeting for Infertility: How to Bring Home a Baby Without Breaking the Bank that has some really good insight on how to navigate the financial piece. This truly was one of the more practical books that I read when we were investigating treatment options.

    It's a tough decision, for sure. And anything involving this amount of money always provokes some trepidation. (As it should.) Good luck! ;)

  10. Alex, I know it's all so overwhelming. When we first found out how much we would have to pay we stopped breathing for a second or two! Our insurance didn't cover anything so we had to just pay out of our savings (thank god for savings!!) We paid more or 12,000US for each cycle but we see it as the best investment we have ever made!! About traveling to do it, we thought about it but then decided against it and I am happy for it. When you are going through IVF your life is upside down and your normal routine goes out of the window so it's the small things that help you along. The familiarly of sleeping in your own bed, the knowledge that you can come home after every appointment and be in your own home helps a lot. Anyway this is what worked for me... Good luck sweetie!! xxx

  11. The more you talk about this stuff, the more it begins to feel like monopoly money, doesn't it? It's so hard. We have to go through the emotional pain and the financial hardship. It's just not fair. *Hugs*

  12. I have yet to go through the accounting myself, so I can't weigh in. That said, it seems like folks here have some good options. My cousin was able to finance her IVF cycle (and just had her boy!). They joke about paying off the baby mortgage. I'm wishing you all sorts of heartfelt good luck!

  13. Hello Alex!

    I am so happy to hear that you have meditated since friday!!! I think this month is really going to help us all out! As far as your question, how do you quiet the mind.....you don't :), no pressure! all you need to do is focus on your breath (which is your anchor) and just be passively aware of your thoughts. Our minds a little too curious to STOP thinking, so just be aware that your thinking, but don't really linger on a thought, just notice your thinking and try again to focus on your breath. There is a quote in my meditation book that says "you can't stop the birds flying overhead, but you can stop them nesting in your hair". I thought that was pretty funny, cause were all going to think, we just need to let those thoughts stream by. You can start the meditation with a couple of sighs, I find that helps me a bit to get into the groove :) Eventually, with practice you will get better at having these thoughts without paying too much attention to them. I didn't know where to write this to you, so I will put it in my comment section under yours as well. Just incase. So happy your joining me!!