Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dreams can make or break the rest of the day. This morning I had the weirdest dream. I use my iPhone as my alarm, and it was set for 6:00. It stays under my pillow, and it vibrates my pillow, and I usually wake up with no problem. This morning I dreamed that there was this machine that would start IVF when it buzzed. It kept buzzing, and I would turn it off, saying, “I’m not ready for IVF!” That continued to happen, and I was starting to get angry. I finally woke up, thinking I have to stop this dream. I hope it’s time to get up so I can stop thinking I’m about to start IVF! Turned out it was 6:50, and I had been snoozing my alarm for 50 minutes, and I just needed to shut it off! Do you think this means something???

Oh, and after all that, I woke up in such distress that I forgot to take my darn temp! Stupid dream!


  1. I totally get that. #1: I'm scared of IVF. Of course, I was also scared to go to the RE. I guess we're always scared of the unknown. However, I also totally get that you were wigging out when you overslept. ;) I hope that the rest of your day gets better, and no rush on the IVF. Just breathe (that's my March motto... I'm hoping I can stick with that motto through April today, before my panic returns). ;)

  2. I hate crazy dreams! I have them a lot during certain parts of my cycle (like right now). They are strange and odd and full of people.

    I hope your day just improves from here!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog.

    Happy ICLW.

  3. I think it means a lot!!! really sounds like your subconscious is trying
    to tell you something or perhaps its just telling you that there are a few things you have left to do before IVF? I don't know, but it sounds like a huge signal.

  4. I just posted about a recent dream I had too. Some dreams are so odd the way they stick with you for the rest of the day.

    Your IVF machine is buzzing! ;)

  5. I guess now you know how you feel about it :). I have had so many strange dreams on this journey, but I guess it's nothing different for me. Last night's was that his SA results came back saying that he only had about 5 good sperm each ejaculate (we're going for the SA today). I even calculated it in my dream.

  6. I use the same thing for my alarm and I've had weird dreams with it, too. That's just a crazy one! :)

    Glad to find your blog! So sorry for your loss, though. That must have been so scary.


  7. Ugh, IF causes such weird dreams. I've had some crazy ones and I think it just speaks to the enormous amount of thought/energy that goes into all things fertility related.